What do we do


Our AQUOPROTEIN© is to build a production supply chain for low-cost environment-friendly protein production system based on upcycling local agricultural waste and food waste, a bio-based product with a negative CO2 footprint (i.e. carbon sequestrating, a process involved in carbon capture and the long-term storage of atmospheric CO2 for indoor vertical aquaculture module set-up together with zero-waste ‘CAN TOUCH AND SEE’ home based business model to produce sea cucumber.



AQUOPROTEIN© is to set up and demonstrate a low cost, environmentally friendly high-quality protein production Ecosystem Module (AEM) comprising with bio-based green flat-packs readily to be assembled into a “HOME” for indoor sea cucumber farming in a controlled living environment, which is created by our zero-waste water treatment, aeration and feeding system. Our AQUOPROTEIN© project will look at the whole supply chain to ensure a reduced energy consumption with a better use of our natural resource to have impact on climate change while having sustainable and profitable business for our investors.